Spin It Again

Spin It Again 2.5

Allows you to record audio content from connected Vinyls or cassettes
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As a passionate music collector, my guess is that conversion from an old Vinyl to a digital form, like MP3, is quite necessary, especially if you're a DJ and you wish to impress your crowds with old sounds. Spin It Again helps you with this matter and, even more, provides you with the needed tools to improve the song's output quality.

You will be able to record the audio content of any playing Vinyl or cassette tape (connected to your PC), clean the unwanted sounds (damages caused by scratches, for example), select the proper recording speed and playback rate, edit track information and many other similar tasks.

I personally loved the fact that you get your own personal audio assistant while handling the application (you can disable this option if you want to). No matter the procedure you wish to perform, you will receive useful hints on how to complete your task with ease.

The only problem I found while trying to configure the output file was the fact that the program crashed several times (I hope it's a local problem). Nevertheless, I would safely recommend this application to any music lover who wants to get its Vinyl or cassette songs on their PC.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Comes with a personal audio assistant
  • Many output configurations available
  • Cleans unwanted sounds from Vinyls and cassettes
  • You can edit track information


  • Crashed several times
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